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Classes Description

Find below our offerings & full description for each class , its difficulty level & link to booking


This class combines the flowing style of Vinyasa ('movement with breath') with a series of strong and powerful postures. Each Vinyasa class targets physical strength and flexibility throughout the entire body. While maintaining a clear focus on alignment and awareness of breath, these classes build internal heat and aid to detoxify the body. Energizing and nourishing, the session will increase physical and mental discipline.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Date & Time:
Sundays at 07:00 PM
Tuesdays at 08:00 PM

Hatha Vinyasa with Farahnaz

image00001 (3).jpeg

In this one hour class you will flow through foundational vinyasa poses , as well as, build the tools for a healthy yoga flow that allows you to build strength  as well as open your body. Expect to feel challenged & recharged finding a calm state of mind.
Gihan's poetic flows are design to help you find balance on and off the mat leaving you grounded & rooted in your body.


Difficulty Level: Beginners to Intermediate

Date & Time: Tuesdays at 07:00 PM

Power Vinyasa with Gihan


Mystical Hatha flow focuses on the beautiful union of mind and body, bringing yoga to a personal level. Exploring the Yin and the Yang, drawing inward in this spiritual practice. Exploring the sensations of heating and cooling the body for ultimate relaxation. Working on the breath and the movement of the body going through how the connection of body and mind are an essential to our balance. Working on the flexibility and strength of the body and the mind, helping to learn that the language of the body is a portal to regulation and resilience.

Difficulty Level: Beginners to Intermediate

Date & Time: Wednesdays at 07:00 PM

Mystical Hatha flow with Nivan


The perfect way to wrap up your weekend. This is restorative flow is dedicated to help you tap into the rest & restore part of our brain, some gentle movement to release tension & dive deep within.

Difficulty Level: Beginners to Intermediate

Date & Time: Saturdays at 12:00 PM

Restorative Flow with Perry


Flow & Nidra combines the energetic element of a yoga flow with 30-40 minutes yoga nidra practice. The flow usually prepares the body to go into the state of release, yoga nidra is the practice of deep rest to nourish the mind, give the body the chance to rest & restore the nervous system. Students call this class the guide to self therapy.

Flow & Nidra with Gihan

Difficulty Level: Beginners to Intermediate

Date & Time: Fridays at 10:30 AM

Sarah el Setouhy.jpg

Sarah incorporates awareness of the breath and stillness of the mind while activating the body both physically and energetically. Class starts with a gentle flow, picking up the pace to a dynamic flow focusing on alignment, strength, balance, flexibility and ending our practice with a short mediation leaving you feeling rejuvenated and nourished. Suitable for all levels

Difficulty Level: Beginners to Intermediate

Date & Time:
Mondays at 06:30 PM
 at 08:00 AM

Hatha Vinyasa with Sarah 

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