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On the mat retreats are here to help you embark on a journey of self discovery by diving into your bodies, we take you to places where we deepen your connection to nature , provide for you nourishing food for the soul, & create for you the experience to indulge in a variety of yoga classes that immerses your mind, body & soul guided by our tribe facilitators. 
Our goal is to make you feel home & take you places, you never thought of experiencing on a deeper level before.

Ardi Dahshour Retreat

led by Gihan Saiid & Zeina el Tohamy

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Freedom in Expression Retreat

led by Omniya el Baghdadi

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Toaa Omar , 
Assistant Director, 27 years old

"I realized that self care comes from within (not just about skin/hair care routine). It encouraged me to try new things more often, since it was my first retreat. And look to things from a different perspective. I am really glad for this experience."

I realized how "Me Time"
is so important


Mona El Kateb,Illustrator, 25 years old

"This retreat motivated me to incorporate more yoga philosophy into my life, and to educate myself more about the various types of yoga and their principles. It truly transformed the way I see and define yoga"


Aly Yasser , 
Photographer & Film maker,
30 years old

"This retreat helped me become a lot easier on myself as I found myself to be quite harsh and judgmental"

It transformed
how I see Yoga

I became less judgmental
to myself


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