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2023 Retreats

Learn how to find pleasure in rest , doing less & being more

The Resting Sanctuary

Location: Fayoum

Date :  23rd - 25th FEB 

*Limited Spots - Women only

The retreat is created for women struggling to take permission to rest, our vision is to help you learn & marinate into a sacred relationship with your unique body, nervous system & embody the tools that help you find your way into a calmer you, a version of you that knows how to relax , unlocking different ranges in the nervous system & practicing pleasure. 

The Resting Sanctuary

Location: Fayoum

Date :  1st - 3rd JUN

*Limited Spots - Women only

The retreat is created for women struggling to take permission to rest, we aim to provide you with tools & help you embark on the process of learning how to let go, relax & take the finest pleasure in resting.


Surprise Featured Guest Retreat

Location: TBC

Date :  21st - 23rd SEP

*12 Spots - 

This time of the year is when we launch our annual surprise featured guest retreat, helping connect you with one of our favorite collaborations to have fun, deepen our experience of the body & marinate in the connection within.

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Toaa Omar , 
Assistant Director, 27 years old

"I realized that self care comes from within (not just about skin/hair care routine). It encouraged me to try new things more often, since it was my first retreat. And look to things from a different perspective. I am really glad for this experience."

I realized how "Me Time"
is so important


Mona El Kateb,Illustrator, 25 years old

"This retreat motivated me to incorporate more yoga philosophy into my life, and to educate myself more about the various types of yoga and their principles. It truly transformed the way I see and define yoga"


Aly Yasser , 
Photographer & Film maker,
30 years old

"This retreat helped me become a lot easier on myself as I found myself to be quite harsh and judgmental"

It transformed
how I see Yoga

I became less judgmental
to myself


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