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On the Mat has been serving its role as a  safe space in the wellness community in Egypt since 2011. 

We are a boutique yoga space open in the heart of Zamalek, our offerings include but not limited to a variety of yoga classes, workshops & community circles created to help you raise your vibe

Our mission is to cater to our students needs & always provide an open space where everyone feels safe, nurtured & connected with the source , ready to find their center. 


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About Us

Your Safe Space

Our Story

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On the mat was first founded in 2011, the idea was to create an open warm space that welcomes in people from different backgrounds & nationalities to practice together , disconnect from the outside world & dive into the body in a safe nourishing space free of judgement.
Currently the studio is owned & managed by Gihan Saiid. 


Gihan started as a student in on the mat like so many fellow yoga teachers today in Egypt , curious by the physical & mental changes brought to her through yoga , she studied to deepen her knowledge of the system & became a diversified yoga teacher & practitioner. In March 2021, Gihan bought on the mat studio & decided to expand her knowledge , dive deeper into the practice & continue to manage & create at the studio & keep this open warm space up & running.

About Gihan

Gihan stumbled upon the path of yoga almost 5 years ago, what started as a form of escape ending being a life time of passion for her. Gihan's practice & teachings take many forms , one that speaks to the soul. 

Her vision is to help people embark on the magical journey of finding freedom within their bodies by deepening their understanding of the intellect.  

Gihan travelled to Koh Phangan, thailand to study her first yoga training, came back & dove into her 300 hours with Briohny Smith where she learnt the foundations of vinyasa with Bri & dove into philsophy & pranayama with Mathieu Boldron  & continued to develop her learnings by diving into yoga nidra training with the beautiful Jana Roemer. 

Her passion to share this divine practice inspired her to take over on the mat studio & create a safe space where people come to dive within & raise their vibe.

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"To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did”"

We aim to help promote the importance of mental health. Our offerings revolve around serving our students & meeting them where they are. The practice goes beyond the traditional poses & possibly inspires student to tap into some questions that could change their overall lives.

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